VPSBG cpanel license pricing

New VPSBG cPanel license pricing - end of 2022, heading into 2023

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UPDATE: cPanel have updated their license pricing for 2024! Learn more about the new prices.

You have probably already heard the news about cPanel increasing their license prices at the end of the year. This increase is something that we have been constantly seeing over the last couple of years with 2023 being no exception.

Due to this, we at VPSBG are also going to be updating our prices according to the aforementioned price changes. You can always check out the most up-to-date cPanel license costs in our license pricing section.

New VPSBG cPanel license prices after November 3rd 2022

Given that we at VPSBG are an official NOC partner, we are able to provide you with better cPanel license prices. However, due to the increase in overall price when it comes to the software, we are also going to be updating our pricing with the changes coming into effect starting from November 3rd 2022.

The following table contains the updated prices, which we will be implementing through the end of 2022 and heading into 2023.

cPanel license plan New monthly price
Admin (up to 5 accounts) €20
Pro (up to 30 accounts) €28
Plus (up to 50 accounts) €38
Premier (up to 100 accounts) €49

All of the aforementioned prices are excluding VAT.

Looking for a cPanel alternative?

Seeing as how cPanel has been steadily increasing their prices over the last years, it is no surprise that quite a high number of users are considering making a change.

If you are exploring other control panel options, you can check out our article on some good cPanel alternatives.

We at VPSBG are also an official DirectAdmin partner, meaning that you can easily make the switch if necessary. For more information and pricing on this alternative control panel you can check out our article on DirectAdmin licenses.

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