vpsbg changes cpanel prices 2022

Probably, you already heard about the cPanel price hike taking effect on the 1st of January 2022. In this article, you will see how we, at VPSBG, will update our prices according to the cPanel price increase.


New cPanel license prices after 1st of January 2022

VPSBG is an official NOC partner with cPanel and as such, we are able to provide you with special cPanel license prices. Check the table below to see how the prices will change from the start of the next year.


cPanel license plan

New monthly price

Admin (up to 5 accounts)


Pro (up to 30 accounts)


Plus (up to 50 accounts)


Premier (up to 100 accounts)



All prices are excluding VAT.


If you consider switching from cPanel to another control panel, we got you covered - we prepared an extensive list with good cPanel alternatives. VPSBG is an official partner with DirectAdmin too, you can check the prices here.

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