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New pricing structure for cPanel licenses

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IMPORTANT: You can find out more about the latest cost of cPanel licenses by visiting our software licenses and pricing page.

In late June, cPanel announced a major policy change in their pricing structure. They shifted from unlimited accounts pricing to tier based on the number of cPanel accounts you have created or plan to create.

This in effect means that for users with a large amount of cPanel accounts, there will be an increase in the monthly price. The good news is we have signed a partnership with cPanel to become a NOC partner so that we can get the best prices available to our customers.

This partnership agreement allows us to provide the following pricing based on account number:

  • Up to 5 accounts: € 12.50 / mo.
  • Up to 30 accounts: € 17.50 / mo.
  • Up to 50 accounts: € 25.00 / mo.
  • Up to 100 accounts: € 35.00 / mo.
  • Up to 150 accounts: € 38.00 / mo.
  • Up to 200 accounts: € 42.00 / mo.
  • For each additional 50 accounts: + € 5 / mo.

How to order a cPanel license?

You can purchase a cPanel license for your server directly from us. Just navigate to Services > Details > Addons -> Order additional services and choose your license Tier. Our technical support experts will set it up for you swiftly right after the purchase.

How to further optimize my license cost?

 First you can check if there are any unused accounts and remove them. If you have several cPanel accounts with one domain that can be combined into one account - there is no limit on how many domain an account can have, so if it is convenient you can move websites into one large account and save from license fees.

Have any questions? You can contact us and we will help!

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