cpanel price increase 2022

New, higher prices from 1 January 2022.

We, as NOC cPanel partner, just received an email in which they (cPanel) said that there will be another price hike taking effect in 2022. They state that it is needed so they can continue to maintain this software, to increase the performance, usability, stability, etc. cPanel modernized they software in 2021, with added Ubuntu support (still experimental), NGINX support, DNS UI/UX changes, many other functionalities and bugfixes.


The increase is ~10%.

The overall price increase is around 10%. Take a look at how the current prices compare to the new prices in the table below:

PlanCurrent priceNew price
Solo (1 account)$15.00$15.99
Admin (up to 5 cPanel account)$22.00$24.99
Pro (up to 30 cPanel accounts)$32.25$35.99
Premier (up to 100 cPanel accounts)$48.50$53.99
Bulk (every account over 100 cPanel accounts)$0.30$0.34


As they said in the previous price changes, they will review the prices yearly, so we could expect more and more price changed in the next years.


Here you can check the official cPanel license guide taking effect 1 January 2022.


Okay, what would be the prices for cPanel Partners (NOC)?

See how in the table below:

PlanCurrent priceNew Price
cPanel Solo (Cloud)$7.00$7.70
cPanel Solo (Metal)$10.00$11.00
Admin (up to 5 accounts)$13.50$15.00
Pro (up to 30 accounts)$19.00$21.00
Plus (up to 50 accounts)$27.00$30.00
Premier (Cloud) (up to 100 accounts)$34.50$38.00
Premier (Metal)$34.50$38.00
Premier Bulk (Cloud)$0.18$0.20
Premier Bulk (Metal)$0.18$0.20


We hope that improvement and new functionalities will really follow the price and the product will become more stable, more flexible, and finally running at 100% on Ubuntu. Otherwise, this will result in a huge migration to other web hosting control panels.

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