cpanel price increase

As you know, the pricing policies of cPanel have undergone a number of changes. Only a year after the last updates, in an email to all NOC partners, the management of cPanel announced that there will be another rise in the cost of the licenses.


Following the announcement of cPanel, our company is going to update the price structure accordingly from January 1, 2021. The price increase will affect all existing customers. Take a look at how our current prices compare to the new prices in the table below:


cPanel license tier:Current Price:New Price:
Up to 5 accounts:
12.50 EUR

14.00 EUR

Up to 30 accounts:

17.50 EUR

20.00 EUR
Up to 50 accounts:
25.00 EUR30.00 EUR
Up to 100 accounts:
35.00 EUR

38.00 EUR


We are going to add new cPanel license Tiers, which will be available from January 1, 2021, and their cost will be as follows:

Tier:Price per month:
Up to 150 accounts:
42.00 EUR
Up to 200 accounts:
52.00 EUR
Up to 400 accounts:
92.00 EUR


We hope that the increase in the price of the license will be accompanied by significant improvements in the functionalities of the service so that there is a reason for the high price.


Although cPanel's new pricing might be disappointing, we have good news for those, who are eager to save their coins. Recently, we have partnered up with the best alternative of cPanel, DirectAdmin. You can read more about the software, its functionalities and price in our previous blog post.

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