cpanel price increase 2024

cPanel increases prices for 2024

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Another year, another price increase for cPanel licenses! Similarly to the price hike that was announced in September 2022, cPanel licenses are once again going to become more expensive.

This marks the 5th year in a row where the control panel’s prices have gone up, continuing the ongoing trend heading into 2024.

cPanel increasing prices by 10%

Similarly to last year, prices are again surging up by about 9-10%!

In their official release statement, cPanel announced that these changes will be coming into effect from the 1st of January 2024 and will remain relevant for the entirety of the year!

Here is the updated pricing table:


Old Price

New Price

cPanel Solo (1 account)



Admin (up to 5 cPanel accounts)



Pro (up to 30 cPanel accounts)



Premier (up to 100 cPanel accounts)



Bulk (every account over 100 cPanel accounts)



As it can be seen, all plan prices have gone up by about 10%!

Pricing changes for cPanel Partners (NOC)

All cPanel partners are also notified of these changes. Here is how NOC prices are going to be affected:


Old Price

New Price

cPanel Solo (Cloud)



cPanel Solo (Metal)



Admin (up to 5 accounts)



Pro (up to 30 accounts)



Plus (up to 50 accounts)



Premier (Cloud) (up to 100 accounts)



Premier (Metal)



Premier Bulk (Cloud)



Premier Bulk (Metal)



As it can be seen, all plans have once again seen an increase of 10%.

cPanel changes & new features that are coming in 2024

In addition to these changes in the pricing structure for the cPanel licenses, the software panel’s development is continuing to surge with some notable new features being introduced.

Over the last year, the cPanel team has been working on creating a more modern interface as well as a team management platform that has a native site builder. Additionally, they also mentioned that they were working on integrating powerful monitoring tools.

Moreover, cPanel also stated that they are continuously improving their security measures, making changes to existing protocols in order to fight against issues that originate from third-party software components!

Looking for cPanel alternatives?

Due to the, what now seems, yearly price increase of cPanel licenses, there is a growing demand for cPanel alternatives that are not only less expensive, but also offer the same if not more in terms of features than the popular control panel.

One of the most viable cPanel alternatives still remains to be DirectAdmin due to the software’s ability to support all major Web servers. Additionally, it also has integrated support for both MariaDB and MySQL, while also coming at a much more affordable price. This makes DirectAdmin a very lucrative choice if you are looking to make the switch.

On the other hand, there is also CyberPanel. The major advantages that this particular control panel has over its mainstream competitor in the face of cPanel, is the fact that it is completely free, open-source and community-driven!

Not only that, but it also comes with its very own intuitive interface! Additionally, it is also equipped with an integration of ModSec & CSF, which further allows you to protect your applications! As a matter of fact, you can directly get a cloud VPS or VDS server with a fresh CyberPanel installation with the help of our one-click application templates!

Another free cPanel alternative that you can go for is Webmin. The control panel is also entirely free and fully open-source! Primarily aimed at Linux servers and server administration, Webmin is a viable cPanel substitution. Similarly to CyberPanel, you can also get a cloud server with Webmin directly from us!

If you are looking for a more detailed comparison between the different control panels, you can also check out our article on cPanel alternatives!

As for the most recent software prices, you can always check out our license pricing section.

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