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New VPSBG cPanel license pricing - effective December 1st 2023

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Given the price increase for cPanel prices going into 2024, we at VPSBG are also going to be updating our cPanel license pricing heading into the new year.

We are an official NOC partner, which allows us to offer cPanel licenses at a better cost. However, this also means that when cPanel makes changes to their pricing scheme, we are also required to update our pricing list.

Because of this, we are going to be adjusting our prices, which will take effect on December 1st 2023:

cPanel license plan New monthly price
Admin (up to 5 accounts) €25
Admin Annual (up to 5 accounts) €240/12m.
Pro (up to 30 accounts) €30
Plus (up to 50 accounts) €42
Premier (up to 100 accounts) €54

All of the aforementioned prices are excluding VAT.

Need a cPanel alternative?

If the constant, at this point, yearly, cPanel license price increases are something that is making you consider switching to an alternative control panel, we have also got you covered!

With our 1-click installation application templates, you can get a cloud server with either CyberPanel or Webmin! Both are open-source control panels that are equipped with all of the necessary tools for you to manage your server and websites/applications! Not only that, but they are also quite customizable and come with their own set of useful features! Most importantly, however, both softwares are completely free of charge, meaning that you only need to pay for your server, rather than having to spend extra money on an additional license!

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