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It’s 2021, and online privacy and security are very important nowadays. Everything is done entirely online, we order online, we sign documents online, and we send money online. We dedicated this blog post to security and privacy, and more specifically we’ll give several tips on how you can achieve maximum security and privacy while you are online. Some of the things, that we will advise you, are not common and a little harder to implement, but sometimes these are the only ways for your privacy not to be compromised. Let’s dive into the world of browsers, cookies, servers, and bitcoins.


Tip #1. Use privacy-protecting browsers.

This is the first step to achieve your goal. Take a look at browsers like Brave or Vivaldi. These browsers are built with privacy in mind. We will talk mostly about Brave because we have experience with this browser. Brave blocks ads by default. No need to install extensions for that. This browser blocks also all tracking scripts (Google Analytics, pixels, etc). You can even browse websites with TOR, which is built in the Brave browser. Cross-site cookies are also blocked by default. Brave is a privacy-ready browser. Give it a chance. 


Tip #2. Use VPN. A secure one. 

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about what is VPN and why it is important. We strongly recommend using a private and secure VPN daily. Our suggestion is not to use the VPN services of most VPN providers, instead to buy a virtual server and install a VPN server on your own. You can do that by following one of our tutorials: How to install SoftEther VPN server? This way you will be sure that no logs are collected and stored. Yes, you will not have the opportunity to switch locations and IP addresses so easily, but here privacy is a higher priority.


Tip #3. Pay with cryptocurrencies, if possible.

Cryptocurrencies are cool. They allow us to pay discreetly, securely and help us transfer our money without any restrictions. Crypto payments are fast, effortless, and reliable at any time. Some of the cryptocurrencies you could check are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.


Did you know that we accept Bitcoin and Litecoin? You can give our Bitcoin VPS a chance. We promise high performance and speed.


Tip #4. Try more privacy-friendly email providers.

Currently, you are probably using Gmail or any other popular email provider for your email. Yes, we know because it is easier. If you want a more private email provider, you can give ProtonMail a chance. 


Tip #5. Use secure messaging apps. Like Signal. 

Have you heard of Signal? It is an open-source messaging application with strong and reviewed encryption. This is probably the application for communication with the strongest security built. Give it a try!


Tip #6. If you pay with a card, enable 3DS now.

If you haven’t enabled your 3D protection, please, do it now. This mechanism will make your online transactions require additional code that you will receive via SMS, application, or another way. That’s an additional layer of security. 


Tip #7. Secure your computer. Phones too. 

Choose your operating system wisely. If you use Linux or Mac, it will be harder to get hacked, but not impossible. Be careful what you download and run on your computer. Revise who has access to your computer and phone and narrow this number to the bare minimum. Enable Windows Defender on your Windows device, it is good software. 


Tip #8. Be careful where you click, what information you provide, and where.

Unfortunately, phishing attacks are becoming more and more popular. This means that we, as web users, have to be more careful and suspicious about the websites where we enter any information. Most of the browsers nowadays detect and mark phishing sites as “deceptive websites” but this takes time. Be careful. 


Bonus tip #9. For maximum web security, use TOR. 

If you want the best security and privacy while browsing online, you can use TOR. Brave has it as an option (“New private window with TOR”). The browsing experience with TOR is not the best one, but if you want the best privacy for a specific website, you could use it. 


We have tried to give you some advice on how you can improve and achieve almost the maximum security and privacy while you are online. Of course, there are many other things we, as users, can do to improve, but we think we gave the foundation of one secure online presence. Enjoy! And stay cautious!

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