vpsbg turns 9 years old today

VPSBG Turns 9 Today!

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It has been 9 long years filled with ups and downs, especially given the tumultuous last couple of years on a global scale with year 8. In spite of the setbacks and the circumstances, however, we have continued to develop and our goal has also remained the same - providing exceptional hosting infrastructure with an even greater customer service. Nevertheless, this would not be possible without your help, support and above all - priceless feedback going into year 10.


Over the past year, we have further expanded our team as well as our reach, now serving at more locations worldwide than ever before. Our passion for cloud technology has not changed since we initially launched in 2013 as it has only continued to grow with time. We always strive to do better by providing services that utilize the best possible grade products on the market, which is why our servers run on lightning-fast AMD EPYC CPUs and NVMe storage. Moreover, we have also constantly provided extremely reliable and affordable DDoS protection as an option that our customers can utilize if they deem it appropriate or necessary.


We love our customers and we listen to their feedback

Due to this, this past year we introduced free snapshots and additional backups for our services in order to accommodate our clients’ demands. We also improved our documentation, making each entry easier to locate, more user-friendly and comprehensive by providing step-by-step tutorials and extensive information.


Nonetheless, we also made necessary changes to our website both on desktop and mobile in relation to increased loading speed and decreased waiting times, user interface and general accessibility by redesigning the different sections that were brought to our attention. Furthermore, we also made changes to our client area, making it much easier to navigate. Finally, we completely overhauled our ticket system, which helped further reduce our customer support response times.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with alternative payment options, which is why we have accepted Bitcoin and Litecoin as such alternatives since 2014, using our own custom implementation as our primary goals have always been to protect our clients’ privacy and security. Also, this is why we do not use any third-party cookies anywhere on our site. Moreover, because of your valuable feedback, over the last year we started to accept payments through the Bitcoin Lightning Network as well, due to the increased transaction speeds and overall security.


We want to show our gratitude

We have grown so much through the past year, which is all thanks to our fantastic customers. Therefore, as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for this incredible company milestone, we at VPSBG are offering a special promotional offer for our birthday! For today only, you can get a whopping 20% discount on every single one of our services. This discount will be automatically applied at checkout, making this the perfect opportunity to become part of our community and most importantly - family.

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