Whether you have been switched to working from home due to the global pandemic, or you have always felt more comfortable with a remote job because it does not require traveling to the office, you are probably wondering how to make it work. We have prepared a few tips on managing your time and boosting your productivity in the comfort of your cozy place.



Exclude distractions

One of the first steps to boosting your work productivity is to limit things that would distract you from work. For example, turn off notifications on your smartphone, especially for apps that have nothing to do with your work arrangements. Turn off the TV unless you’re using it for music. Make sure you have got everything by your side for a successful day at work before you start. Imagine running out of paper for the printer. Running to the store would be a big distraction.


Leave interesting content for later

You will probably see some exciting content while browsing the web, especially if you are working in a creative industry. Who would not want to check it out, even though it has nothing to do with our tasks? Well, it would only take your time, and in the end, does not bring any benefit to your working process. A few minutes here and there, and then you realize you could have written five emails instead of endless scrolling through the memes with cute dogs. Create a folder in your browser specifically for something that interests you, leave it for later, and let it motivate you to complete your tasks.



Music boosts productivity

There are two types of people, the ones who rock it with the headphones on, and the fans of silence who find music distracting. While the music taste might differ within the first group, its boosting effect on productivity is definite. If you have a few minutes, create a specific playlist for every day and fill it with your favorite tunes. It is a great way to get through some routine tasks while jamming to your soundtrack.


Prioritize your tasks

Imagine having dozens and dozens of never-ending tasks, and you just want to complete them as soon as possible, so you start on each of them. However, by the end of the day, there are no results because none of the tasks have been finished. It would be useful to prioritize your tasks by urgency, from the most important to the least valuable. Focus on one task at a time. Split it into the milestones. For example, you need to write an article. This task includes several milestones: come up with a topic, draft an outline, write your first draft, revise it, send it for feedback, edit your final version. Make sure though that, while you’re waiting for feedback, you’re working on some other tasks instead of just waiting.



Stay happy

It might sound abstract, but essentially it comes down to limiting the sources of negativity. For example, try avoiding news that is not related to your job, especially during working hours, and even people that might negatively impact your mood and the quality of your work. On the other hand, if you feel lonely, make sure to reach out to your colleagues and friends for a conversation. Talking things through usually helps to stay cheerful, and therefore, boosts your performance.


Have a separate area for work

Rearrange a few things at home. If you have enough space, make sure to have a cozy area for work. It is better to make your morning coffee and sit behind your work desk rather than to open your laptop without getting out of bed. Also, do not forget to dress up. Nobody requires you to wear office clothes, but pajamas would not be a great choice either. We still need to have some discipline, even while working from home.



Stay healthy and get enough sleep

Working remotely gives us a lot of flexibility, however, people tend to forget to take lunch breaks. While it might not be mandatory to follow a typical 8-hour work schedule with fixed breaks, it is recommended to have a schedule that works for you and does not affect your work productivity. Do exercises! Forget about excuses! Now that we do not spend hours in traffic, we have more time to ourselves. Let’s take the most out of it! Another piece of advice is to get enough sleep. Yes, we do not have to travel to work tomorrow, and we can sleep in, but it does not mean that we should scroll through our newsfeed for several hours at night. Get those eight hours of sleep, rest well, and get up full of energy in the morning ready to achieve the new heights.



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