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How to make work from home actually work? Tips for employees.

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The global pandemic made it clear that working from home is quite a viable option for a number of industries.

So, if you are one of those people who had to switch to working remotely or you just don’t need to travel to the office every day, but you struggle to be productive while at home, then the following tips and tricks are just for you!

We have prepared a number of tips that you can try to incorporate into your lifestyle that will increase your productivity, help you manage your time and boost your efficiency, all while you are in the comfort of your own home!

person working from home

Eliminate distractions

Let’s start with the most important fact that you need to consider - removing any and all distractions.

When at home, you naturally feel more relaxed, which can lead to you not paying attention to what is important, which is something that you don’t want when working from home.

You know that you are surrounded by the TV, books or any other hobby essentials that might be laying around in your workspace.

However, in most cases, it will be your phone that will be causing the biggest distraction. Social media notifications, chats with friends and online conversations are not what you need to be checking or doing. These can all destroy your productivity, resulting in much worse results and reduced efficiency.

Because of this, you need to make sure to store your phone in a location where you won’t be constantly checking it while working. You can put it in another room or even consider locking it away in a drawer until the end of your work day.

Avoid interesting content

If you work in a creative industry like modeling, design or editing, you have most probably come across something that has grabbed your attention immediately. The same also applies for those of you who like to watch videos or scroll through social media platforms like Instagram or Reddit.

You must avoid such lucrative content at all costs while you are working. Once you get hooked on something, you might inadvertently spend literal hours scrolling through social media or binge-watching videos, ultimately being unproductive.

You could write a number of emails for the time it takes to watch a 2-minute video or multiple reels. If you happen to stumble onto some interesting content, bookmark it and leave it for later - don’t let it distract you while you are working!

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Music can help boost productivity

Music has been a talking point over the last few decades as research shows that it can potentially increase productivity. As a matter of fact, you might already be one of those individuals that tend to work better when listening to some tracks.

If you know that music can make you more productive, consider making yourself a number of different playlists that can help you rock on while working.

If you haven’t tried working while listening to some tunes, give it a shot - you might benefit from it!

Prioritize your tasks

Imagine having dozens and dozens of never-ending tasks that you want to complete as soon as possible. Would you start working on all of them at the same time?

The answer should be no. If you are one of those people that want to focus on multiple things at the same time, you need to listen up - doing many things simultaneously will ultimately result in some things being overlooked and others - unpolished.

Rather than making an effort to complete everything ASAP, assign a priority to each task instead. Having a basic rundown of tasks that need to be completed can help you manage your time and efforts while also making sure that everything is performed as necessary.

You can even consider splitting larger tasks into smaller milestones. Having a sense of completion can also help boost your productivity.

For example, let’s say that you need to write a good and optimized blog post. This task can include several milestones: 

  • coming up with a topic
  • drafting an outline
  • writing your first draft
  • revising it
  • sending it for feedback
  • editing your final version

However, rather than just waiting, make sure that you work on another task while waiting for the feedback to come in.

happy person sitting at a desk

Limit negativity & stay happy

Happiness is key when it comes to work and your surrounding environment. Because of this, as cliche as it might sound, you need to limit the sources of negativity around you and around your working place.

Some examples include avoiding news during your working hours as well as staying away from conflicts.

Instead, reach out to your colleagues and have a chat with them to see how their day is going. This can also increase your performance and boost your productivity while working from home.

Create a home 'office' for yourself

Feeling like you are at work is essential for making sure you are efficient when doing your job from home.

Because of this, you should consider designating a given room or area of your living space to essentially create a smaller in-house ‘office’ that you can work from. Get yourself a desk or a table, rearrange the surroundings and make yourself feel like you are at work.

Having your laptop on your legs or working from your bed can be extremely unproductive.

Additionally, while you don’t need to dress up all corporate, you might want to consider at least changing to something else that isn’t your pajamas! Again, make yourself feel like you are going to be present at the office - after all, you wouldn’t pop up in an official meeting with the clothes you sleep with, would you?

person sitting in an armchair and relaxing while reading a book

Stay healthy and get enough sleep

Working remotely gives us a lot of flexibility, however, people tend to forget to take breaks.

Having some time for your body and mind to rest is crucial to ensure not only that you are being productive, but to also make sure that you are healthy.

Long periods of constant monitor exposure will put a lot of strain on your eyes and could even potentially damage your vision.

Another important thing to remember is to exercise. Given that you are staying at home and don’t need to waste precious time on traveling, you should definitely consider doing some exercises to stay healthy and keep your muscles toned.

Finally, make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Don’t go to bed exceptionally late, because you know that you will be working from home and get up 5 minutes before work actually starts.

Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier - create a routine for yourself. Don’t forget that your body needs some extra time in the morning to fully wake up, otherwise you will be unproductive in the first few hours of your work. Research suggests that you should be getting around 7-8 hours of sleep in order to feel recharged.

tired person

Ultimately, you should always focus on your health first, as you will not be able to work when you don’t feel well. Because of this, make sure to take care of it first and then consider implementing the other tips and suggestions that can further boost your productivity.

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