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Today’s customers of products and services are constantly in touch. It is important for them to stay up to date with the latest news of different companies, to understand what products are on the market, and how to make the best choice. That’s why the companies should pay attention to what their customers say, make a conversation with them, address problems, and thank them for kind reviews. Now, the most convenient way for that would be tracking (or monitoring) your brand mentions on the web. It is important to see what your customers and potential clients think about your product or competitor’s services. Monitoring your brand mentions is essential for improving the quality of your business. Below you will find the answers to four essential questions related to this topic.



There are many reasons why it is necessary, however, we decided to comment on just a few of them as we find them the most important.


Find negative reviews and address them accordingly and in a timely manner. When you monitor mentions of your brand, you can easily find and respond to the negative reviews. This way you will solve your client’s problem and your reputation won’t get hurt.

Thank your customers for their kind reviews. It’s not always negativity that needs to be addressed. There are positive reviews too. Thank them. This way you will increase the trust and loyalty of your customers towards your brand.

Find potential clients and answer their questions. Imagine that someone asks about your company on the online forum. If you monitor your brand mentions, you can quickly respond back to the author of the post and everyone else who commented. Additionally, you could always contact the post’s author directly and give them an attractive offer or more detailed information regarding your services.

Analyze mentions in publications and comments in general. It is useful to see general feedback across several online platforms in order to understand what aspects of your business you could possibly improve. As an example, there could be a lot of reviews that talk about the excellence of your services, but flaws in the customer support. This way you will focus more on training your employees to provide a better experience to the clients.

Monitor potential scams that might use your name for credibility. Unfortunately, scams are not going away, and as you may know, with the development and advancement of technologies, the risk of being scammed constantly increases. For example, scammers can create a website with a mention of your brand to appear more credible in the eyes of their target. Depending on the main purpose of the scammers, users’ information can be compromised. It has a serious impact on your brand reputation and the sooner you discover this issue, the easier it is going to be to prevent harmful actions.



You might wonder where to monitor mentions of your brand. Here is a short list of the platforms that can give you a general idea:

  • social media;

  • online forums;

  • competitors;

  • news platforms;

  • blogs;

  • directories;

and everything else on the web.



What exactly are you supposed to monitor? Is it just the name of your brand? Is it the name of the product/service that you provide? If you decide to monitor the brand name only, the results might be incomplete. We advise you to think of all possible combinations and spelling variants of your company name. What else should you consider before monitoring?


  • the official name of the brand

  • short names of the company

  • company name with common misspells

  • company’s hashtags and taglines

  • names of the most popular products/services that you offer



Here comes the most interesting part. Now that you have gathered all necessary information about your brand and the platforms that you would like to monitor, it is time to talk about the tools that can help you achieve the desired result. There are two methods, manual and automatic, and the latter one can be free or paid.


Manual monitoring

You can search the keywords manually on social media. For example, go ahead and try searching your brand on Facebook. There is a chance that someone posted something about your company or service, but in many cases, you would not be satisfied with the result because if your company is not very popular, or the brand name can be used in another context, it’s likely you would not find what you are looking for.


Free monitoring tools


Google Alerts

It is a simple and convenient tool that can help you find mentions that have already been posted previously, and also will notify you when someone mentions your brand on the web. It does not require registration. Just put your keywords, enter your email, and expect notifications. Results in multiple languages are available. The downside of this tool is that it misses quite a few matches, and sometimes notifications do not come through, however, for being completely free, it is a good start for your monitoring campaign.



We like f5bot because it does what it promises. It finds the exact or broad matches and sends them straight to your inbox. You can always log into your account, pause monitoring of specific keywords, modify them, and so on. Everything looks perfect, right? Well, it truly does the perfect job, but unfortunately, it monitors only a few websites (Reddit, Hacker News, and Lobsters). If you think users on these platforms actively talk about your brand, then you might want to consider using this tool. You can use Google Alerts along with f5bot for better results.


Paid monitoring tools



It has the capacity to track millions of content sources across 42 languages. This way you can monitor the brand mentions all over the world. You can also select what content you don’t want to see and only pay attention to the trends that matter. Additionally, it has a competitive analysis tool that compares a specific brand to its competitors. You can get the free trial for 14 days, after registration, then you will have to pay from $29/month depending on the number of users, size of your business, and its goals.



This is another great tool, and it’s worth the money. Awario is a social listening tool that's focused on building brand awareness. It does this by tracking keywords in all languages from all over the world. It can be especially useful if you want to see how your brand compares to the competitors, and what the others say about companies in this industry. They offer a free trial of 7 days, and it should be almost enough for you to decide whether you like their service. Just like Mention, it is not cheap. The prices start from $29/month for three topics (one topic is equal to a keyword or a set of industry keywords, etc.)


There are so many more tools that you might find useful for your business. We have mentioned only a few popular platforms that are worth trying. It would not matter how you start, but rather when you start, because now, while you’re reading this article, maybe someone is giving their opinion on the services of your business.

If you think our article was insightful, share it with your friends and colleagues, and let them know how to monitor their brand mentions online.



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