how to impose a newly created business on the market

How to impose a newly created business on the market

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Starting a business isn’t an easy task! It takes a lot of careful planning, time and effort. Once you organize all of the documentation and operational processes, it is time for you to start working on the marketing strategy for your newly created business and how you will acquire new clients and expand.

What is a marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy is a key sales magnet for every online business. Creating such a strategy is complex and is never easy.

To create a successful and well-working strategy you need to analyze many aspects of your business prior to actually gaining any customers. You need to do some research on your competitor and what works for them as well as analyze your targeted audience and what they might need in terms of goods or services.

Additionally, you also need to be acquainted with a wide range of different marketing tools, concepts and software that will help you implement your strategies successfully.

Content strategy - important for your brand

This strategy aims to determine the tone of the content that you will be sharing across your website. This includes the conversation topics, images, overall company voice and tone as well as the company’s views and how they are going to be expressed. The communication has to be homogeneous, no matter how many people work in the brand marketing team.

The content strategy includes all communication channels such as:

  • Company blog
  • Social media channels
  • Business communication 
  • Press releases
  • Communication with customers

Producing great and timely content is important and should not be neglected if you wish to rank higher up in Search. Because of this, you also need to optimize your content.

Digital marketing funnels

Simply explained, digital marketing funnels are the pathway that describe each customer’s journey to their purchase decision. While such funnels are simple to create, they are not easy to impose in your channels.

The funnel is segmented into 3 parts:

  • TOFU - top of the funnel. Here people get to know about your brand and the products that you offer. 
  • MOFU - middle of the funnel. This is where people have already heard about the brand and start to realize the need for or the benefit of the product.
  • BOFU - bottom of the funnel. People become customers of your brand by making a purchase and also start recommending your services.

marketing funnel

Content distribution channels

As with everything mentioned so far, you should do some prior research in order to discover and evaluate which content distribution channels will best reflect the needs and image of your company. This will also help you understand which audience will be interested in your goods or services and what kind of content they would be willing to consume, which will ultimately allow you to gain more customers and sales.

The channels that you can use for distributing your content are quite a few. You can create and share content on your own website, most commonly in your blog, and then share this information on your social media.

Using the power of popular media like magazines or news websites in your niche is something you should not underestimate. Having a well-known website that is perceived with authority in your niche and writing something about your company or sharing content you created can be highly beneficial for a starting business.

Additionally, you should also think about creating a newsletter and connecting with your customers and subscribers through that as well.

Social media - very powerful in our digital society

Social media is a very powerful tool for communication. However, different content is suitable for each divergent social media platform. This means that you should know both your targeted platforms and the content that users will be expecting to see. This will allow you to appropriately utilize social media as an effective communication channel to get your content out to the public and generate extra engagement.

Regardless of the things that you are being offered by different digital marketing agencies, you need to conduct your research and analyze your target audience’s behavior and interests in order to come up with an effective strategy.

Getting to know your audience and communicating with them daily is important in terms of generating engagement and trust in the company. Show the world how great your product is, what the values of your company are and turn your followers into clients.

Then, if the service you offer is good enough you will notice how your customers become brand ambassadors and advocate for your business, which is the best form of advertisement that you can get!

Reach out to blogs & media in your niche

Apart from the social media channels, there are other ways to distribute your content and one such way is by reaching out to popular blogs and content creators in your niche. In terms of SEO, that will also help you when it comes to link-building, but the greatest advantage here will be that you can easily grow your business by providing useful and interesting content to people interested in your field.

Being present in an article on a given interesting topic can be great for generating brand awareness and giving your business a greater exposure.

The same goes for media websites and platforms. Getting your website published across a very reputable network can help grow your reputation exponentially.

Create a partner network

The partner network is an important aspect for the faster growth of a newly established company. Having partners that represent your services and that can assure other potential clients that what you are providing is actually worth it can be of great importance, especially when you are just starting out and people haven’t heard about your business, brand or company.

Look into setting up an affiliate program

Affiliate programmes are a popular way for companies to advertise their businesses. People can be trusted much more than external companies in most cases. This is why some individuals who have small, but relevant websites or are a trusted and active part of a given community can be extremely important for your business.

Give such people a reward for promoting your services such as given percent of a customer purchase or other benefits such as discounts.

Seek for collaborations

Collaborations can also be really helpful for the growth of each business. The opportunity for cross-channel communication between two brands will easily result in growth in terms of followers for each company’s social media. This kind of partnership can increase the sales for both sides and will be a great way for people to get to know about a new brand or service. This is particularly useful if your products complement each other.

Start measuring success

After you implement the right strategy and start distributing content, you should start measuring the performance of each of your communication channels. This information will help you to create better content and to also get to know your customers better.

There are many tools on the market that you can use to track how your website performs. Some of them, such as Google Analytics, are very popular and powerful tools, but they use third-party cookies. Additionally, there are also self-hosted analytics tools that can offer your visitors better information security and data privacy.

Moreover, each social media platform has its own “Insights” section where you can measure the growth of your network. Using this information you can gain a better understanding of how to reach more customers.

Overall, you have probably heard that “Content is King”. This is true when it is helpful, interesting and relevant. Each company should use their communication channels to reach their audience and communicate with them by using their content.

Be smart and don't try to immediately promote or sell your goods or services in any possible way. People will come to you when they realize they need your products and have trust in your brand, which will happen with time as well as work and dedication from your behalf.

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